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12 Best Website To Find Online Transcription Jobs From Home In 2022

Transcription job seems like an easy job to many, but it actually isn’t. That is the reason there are so many best transcription jobs from home are available but not enough transcribers.

Technically, transcription in writing refers to the process where a person converts an audio/video into a written format. Transcription is everywhere. From the interviews to the legal decisions, everything needs to be written on a paper.

Transcription is not easy; it is an art. And it requires speed and accuracy in an equal amount. Around the world, there are millions of transcribers that work throughout the day and convert speech into text.

With the development of technology, several speech-to-text software have been developed that can transcribe speech faster. But, people still prefer transcribers for transcription work owing to accuracy and better pricing.

Transcription is for those who can sit for long hours and convert speech into written words. An average transcriber can type 60 words per minute. Some transcribers have phenomenal accuracy and speed.

If you are a transcriber or you wish to become one, then this article is perfect for you. Here, you will come to know all about transcription and the top 12 websites to find best transcription jobs from home

Where to look for transcription jobs

If you’re looking to get into the world of transcription, I’ve put together a list of companies where you should consider looking for work, including several options for legal transcription jobs. 

They’re loosely ordered according to how much experience you need to work there and how much you can expect to earn through those jobs. So if you’re aiming for online transcription jobs for beginners, the first few items on this list are the best place to start.

Keep in mind that most of these companies pay on a per audio minute rate, which does not translate to how long it takes to transcribe it. 

The general standard in the transcription industry is a 4:1 ratio, meaning it usually takes around four minutes to transcribe one minute of audio. 

Here’s where to look for online transcription jobs.

1. Rev

Average hourly rate: $7-$10

One of the biggest and most well-known transcription companies, Rev always seems to be hiring new applicants. It has tests that you have to complete before you’re hired — the Rev transcription test and grammar quiz — but it seems to always have work available. 

Types of transcription: all types of transcriptions, live captions, subtitles, etc.

You can also try to become a captioner. As a captioner, you have to watch a video and type the conversation. After that, you have to sync the captions with the video.

At, you get weekly payments and you can choose any job that you like.

2. GMR Transcription

Average rate: $1.25-$4 per audio minute

GMR Transcription works with universities, government and medical institutions, non-profit organizations academic, legal, podcast, business, digital, audio, video, focus group, conference call, verbatim, market research, interview, etc., so you can expect legal, academic and medical online transcription jobs if you work with this company. 

Although it doesn’t list pay rates on its website, the company says, “Our transcriptionists/translators typically earn between $1,000 to $3,000 per month, depending on their skills and the kind of work they take.” 

GMR Transcription is exclusively for US-based transcribers. If you are based in the US, you can utilize this opportunity to find a job here. The payments are secure and the accuracy is around 99 percent.

To apply, submit a resume and take a short transcription test. Like many others on our list, GMR Transcripts lets you work when you want and as often as you want. And all you need to start is a computer with high-speed internet, Microsoft Office, a foot pedal and over-the-ear headphones. 

This is for US citizens only, but they recruit only the most efficient ones.


Average rate: $0.80 per audio minute

Types of transcription: all types

Scribie offers general transcription jobs you can do from home, providing freelancers short audio clips of 10-minutes or less that you get to choose yourself — that means you’re not obligated to work on any assignment you’re not interested in. 

You can apply to and start transcribing an array of audios. The application process takes three steps. First, you have to submit an application, then you take an online test, and if you pass the test, you can start transcribing and making money.

Before you apply and take its certification test, you can practice with tons of its practice tests to ensure your skills are up to par. Because beyond a good typist, the company always wants transcribers who can correct manual and automated transcripts.

4. TranscribeMe

Average rate: $0.79-$2 per audio minute

Typically, you’ll be transcribing short clips of two to four minutes, and you can take on as much work as you want. TranscribeMe is another good option if you’re looking for online transcription jobs for beginners. 

Types of transcription: medical, academic, technology, and consulting transcription.

Basically, when one clip finishes, the next one loads automatically until you feel like stopping — it’s a fairly simple process.

At Transcribeme, you can join the team of highly-efficient transcribers by passing a test. After this test, you will get gigs that you will complete with high accuracy. After that, you can get the money via Paypal.

5. Transcription Hub

Average rate: $0.75 per audio minute

Types of transcription: general, education, medical, legal, insurance, and meeting transcription.

Transcription Hub is a new-age transcription services company purpose-built for the Enterprise.

6. Focus Forward

Focus Forward is another transcription company that lets you work as much or as little as you choose. It does all kinds of transcription, from focus groups, meetings, and TV logging. The company pays 40 cents per audio minute, paid biweekly via PayPal, with opportunities to participate in higher-paying assignments the longer you’re with the company. It, too, requires applicants to pass a transcription test to quality.

7. Tigerfish

While not currently hiring, Tigerfish should be on the radar of all up-and-coming transcribers. 

One of the juiciest bits about Tigerfish is that they have an impressive list of clients, like Gap and Newsweek – just to name a few. 

Starting out as a one-person operation picking up cassettes and delivering typed transcripts, Tigerfish has evolved into a transcription juggernaut.   

But Tigerfish isn’t for the undisciplined, newbie freelance transcriber.

For example, take their premium product, Tigerfish Air, which guarantees clients a finished transcript of any live or prerecorded event in two hours. 

Still, if you’ve got transcribing clout and you’re eager to take on new challenges, keep an eye out for Tigerfish openings.

8. iScribed

Average rate: $0.89 per audio minute

Types of transcription: general, professional medical, and legal transcription.

At iScribed, transcribers get around $0.89 per audio minute which is good. Here, you can apply for general transcription, medical transcription, and legal transcription.

If you are a beginner, you should start with general transcription.

Apart from that, iScribed also offers closed-captioning services (similar to transcription)

9. SyncScript

SyncScript is almost always running ads to hire new transcriptionists. The company requires a typing speed of 70+ words per minute and 98 percent accuracy. It also requires new candidates to transcribe a seven-minute test audio and pass a grammar test. Once you’re on the team, they ask you to be available to transcribe a minimum of three audio hours per week.

SyncScript’s pay rate still isn’t impressive, but it’s higher than the first two options on this list, starting at 57 cents or 63 cents per audio minute based on the assignment type. This is another company to consider if you’re looking to get your feet wet in the transcription industry. 

Cooley says about working for SyncScript: “Their communication is awesome! Every single one of the files that I’ve gotten are super clear audio.” 


Average rate: $0.79-$2 per audio minute

Types of transcription: medical, academic, technology, and consulting transcription.

At Transcribeme, you can join the team of highly-efficient transcribers by passing a test. After this test, you will get gigs that you will complete with high accuracy.

Transcribeme pays well to its transcribers. You can make about $2000 per month by just transcribing. After that, you can get the money via Paypal.

11. GoTranscript

Average rate: $0.60 Per audio or video minute Average earnings per month $150 Top monthly earnings $1215

GoTranscript company has been in business for over a decade and claims to have lots of work for eager transcriptionists. 

If you’re looking for variety, Go Transcript is the perfect fit for you.

For example, one day, you might be working on thrilling police investigations, and the next, you might be transcribing thought-provoking research projects.  

12. Allegis

Average rate: hourly pay ranges from $2 to $36 for transcribing jobs, while one Reddit user says  you can expect to make $15 to $20 per hour if you type 100 or more words per minute. 

Allegis specializes in all sorts of industries, including insurance and legal transcription (so this company would be a good fit if you decide to take the legal version of the  Trancribe Anywhere course, where I did my training). 

The company sometimes posts openings for novices with no transcription experience. You just have to keep an eye on their job postings. 

Rates are proportional to the client contract, so Allegis doesn’t provide pay rates on its website. Plus, the amount you earn for transcription jobs depends on how fast (and accurately) you can complete the assignment.


In this article, you found out almost everything about transcription. You know the different websites where you can look for transcribing jobs and gigs.

You will be surprised to know that a lot of people don’t know about transcribing yet. You should consider yourself the lucky one because you can use this Opportunity to work as a part-time or full-time transcription jobs from home.

Transcribing is easy if you have good typing skills and listening skills. If you possess both, then this is your call.

Sharpen your skills further and start looking for more opportunities. In no time, bigger and better earning opportunity will definitely know your door.

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